Acme Careers

Calling all A.C.M.E. lovers, we're assembling a motley crew of superheroes to fight for equality and defend against volatility

* ACME: Art, Computer Science, Math & Economics

Software Engineer

Our mission is to produce a fair and stable money for the world. This is an immensely challenging endeavor at the intersection of technology and human factors.

You’ll be responsible for building out a missing piece of today’s crypto ecosystem, and defining a foundational API for the next 100 years of finance.

We’re looking for the type of engineer who is prepared to dig deep and enlist any tool necessary to attack a world-scale problem. For you languages are a formality, puzzles have always seemed to add up, and the only remaining question is whether your imagination is living up to your skill.


You’ll have the opportunity to develop backend web infrastructure, author & audit smart contracts, build an automated trading platform, define an API, build an exchange, and integrate with third party centralized and decentralized exchanges.


  • Advanced degree in CS, Economics, or a similar domain
  • Clean coder with a high emphasis on security and reliability
  • Experience deploying and maintaining production systems
  • Experience with distributed systems, predictive modeling, financial trading systems, or security a plus.


Our mission is to produce a fair and stable money for the world. This is an immensely challenging endeavor at the intersection of technology and human factors.

The US Dollar is one of the most trusted brands ever created, and we think it would be unwise to lose sight of this in bringing a new medium of exchange onto the blockchain. Trust is at the center of our effort, and whether it’s eliminating the need for trust where possible, or repeatedly earning it where necessary–we intend to communicate our efforts clearly and sincerely. This is a high impact role.

We’re looking for someone who can cut through the noise and misinformation, bring clarity to those already deep in the space and, just as importantly, to those curious and eager to dive in.


  • To inspire and create trust within the crypto community so that we earn and enlist their support and adoption of our mission
  • To engage the local and worldwide community outside of the crypto world in a hopeful, approachable way that will inspire them to learn more about the space and place their confidence in us when they’re ready to dive in deeper. In our dream scenario, people would think of us immediately and exclusively when adopting a stable currency
  • Manage our presence across community platforms like Reddit, Slack, Twitter, etc. This will include anything from crafting thoughtful long-form essays (i.e. Medium) to contributing to rambunctious, real-time debates on Telegram.
  • Organize events and attend conferences to unite the community and communicate our mission
  • Deploy effective awareness campaigns across a broad range of channels
  • Maintain a line of sincere communication with the press


  • You’re active and respected in the crypto community and/or have experience managing online communities
  • Your finger is on the pulse of the fast-paced and nonstop developments in the crypto world
  • Beyond knowledge in terms of the news and who’s who, you enrich conversations with profound insights, and champion thoughtful, perceptive points of views
  • You understand how to energize people via traditional marketing and–just as equally important–intuitive storytelling and psychology
  • You have an established press, social media, and crypto network and are ready to tap into those
  • Design, photography and video production skills, a plus.

qualities & traits

  • When it comes to communication, your words and your word carry weight, your writing knocks ‘em dead, and your mind is always open
  • Highly mature and full of integrity
  • Self-starting, goal-smashing, team-championing embracer of this exciting economic landscape. AKA: You’ve never been one who needs too much managing or motivating to do the job. You get the job done, and you get it done with style because you’re passionate about the bigger picture. We can always count on you to bring something different to the table and are constantly surprised at all the doors you’ve opened while we were sleeping.
  • Proactively and eagerly goes out into the physical and digital world. Always looking for innovative and creative ways to engage with people and learn as much from them as they do from us.
  • Forward thinking, fair, and an engaged listener: you treat a thought leader in the space with the same respect and sincerity as a new comer looking to learn. We can always count on you to represent us with respect, curiosity, and integrity in the wider world.
  • Advocate for stability in a turbulent environment